Review Policy and Disclaimer

Bookish Mind is a personal blog of a book lover who wishes to share her love and passion for books and reading.

I prefer to read and review nonfiction, memoirs, biographies and Christian books and literature. I read fiction once in a while only if it's really, really worth reading.

I review books that I purchased, borrowed, or given as gifts. I review out of my love and passion in sharing what I think or have experienced about the book and not to endorse or receive any compensation from any product or services.

The opinions expressed here are personal and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideas of a wider audience.

I do not accept paid reviews or post because I blog just for the love of it.^^ I am not affiliated with any organization, business or service that provides monetary compensation.

The photos used in this blog were taken by myself. Otherwise, the source credit will be properly cited.

Copying, reproduction or publication of post, photos and other materials from this blog without permission is prohibited. If you wish to used certain part or materials from this blog, please send me a request through email:

If you wish your book(s) to be reviewed or promoted...

I prefer paperbacks and hardcovers than e-books and mass produce paperback.

Once your book is received, a blog post will immediately feature the book with it's description, synopsis, the author and publisher. So necessary information is needed.

The review will be posted a few days or weeks after reading the book. Depending on the number of pages and how interesting the book is. I have a full-time job so reading will be done only on my free time, but will surely be prioritized.

I will give an honest review, whether positive or not, it will be expressed on my post. As I have stated above, I review for the love of it and not to endorse or influence other minds or receive monetary compensation.



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