Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Best Post Holiday Gift Ever!

In November 8, 2014,  I found used books in eBay that I wished to buy. I was excited and was about to purchased the books when I saw the unbelievably high shipping cost! :-( Disheartened, I posted the photos of them on my Facebook with the caption that they were on my forever wish list.Late that night, a friend in the US sent me a message asking for the link of the "eBay books." I thought she also wanted to buy the books. But when I asked her, she simply said, " I want it for you..."

Heart palpitating...

You cannot imagine my reaction that time. It seemed that the world suddenly stopped for a moment to give me time to process what I've just read. She wanted to buy the books for me!

She bought the books, waited for them to be delivered, and 46 days later, the books were sent to me.

13 days later, I received the books.

I was floating in the air while I was driving home. I couldn't think of anything else but to open the package and embrace all the contents.:-)


C360_2015-01-06-08-40-04-872 C360_2015-01-06-17-32-49-135 C360_2015-01-06-17-35-04-932

I laid them all on the floor just so I could enjoy looking at all of them.:-)

Who would have thought that the simple wish would come true? I never thought or expected that God would grant me this wish immediately and in this manner. If that isn't a miracle from God, I don't know what it is. I'm very much convinced that God hears and cares for the little things that concern me/us. God really surprised me!

This is my best post-holiday gift ever! Thank you, Lord!


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