Thursday, October 11, 2012


One thing I could do all day and even all night long is reading a really, really great book. So great that you just couldn't put it down.

It was only these past few years that I became aware that most movies made by Hollywood, if not all of them, were from books. That is because I didn't have 24/7 Internet connection then. So when I want to read books I would just borrow from the library. If I want to buy books, I would go to the nearest National Bookstore of PCBS (Philippine Christian Bookstore). The only time I would know if the movie is adapted from a book is when the movie itself would say so or when someone else tells me. Otherwise, I am totally clueless.

For some, watching the story is more convenient than reading it. It saves them quite an amount of time and cost less. Why spend hours, days or even weeks reading when you can watch it in more or less than 2 hours?

Others, prefer to read the book. They enjoy the wonder and fulfillment of reading than watching the movie version. In my case, If I've already seen the movie, I lose interest in reading the book. I'm kinda lazy to read the book because I already know the story. The mystery and anticipation isn't enough to motivate me to read it. But, If I've already read the book, I could still watch the movie, to see how Hollywood makes the story alive in the big screen.

While others prefer to do both.

Here are but a few of the millions of books-turned-to-movies:


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