Tuesday, October 07, 2014

First Ever Book Haul

Do you still remember the first time you bought books for yourself? What was that book and how did it feel?

Even before I became aware of book blogging, book hoarding, authors, or anything about books, even the word bibliophile, I was already in love with books.

The very first time I bought books with my own money was during my senior year in high school. I was in the stationery store buying school supplies when I spotted a wire caddy full of secondhand books. I instinctively came near to check out the books and was delighted that it's on a 50% discount sale.

I browsed and browsed for what seemed forever finding books that my budget could afford. I wanted to buy a lot but I only had a few bills to spare. I ended up buying 3 books that heralded my love affair with the printed words!

 1. The Little Woman by Gladys Aylward. This little woman and little book has greatly impacted my life. This book kindled a fire within me and inspired me to become a missionary. Eight years later, I joined a missionary training and was sent to my first mission field, South Korea. I served there for almost 5 years.

I gave my one and only copy to a Bookmoocher hoping that it will also inspire others to serve God through mission works.

2. The Earth is the Lord's by Taylor Caldwell. My first taste of the life story of a mighty warrior, Genghis Khan. I was so enthralled that couldn't put the book down. I carried the book anywhere I go except to school.

3. Firming Your Figure. I have no idea why I bought this book. Whatever motivated me to buy it, it must have been my desire to be healthy. I actually followed the exercise for a couple of days or weeks.

These are the very first books that I owned and bought with my own money. When I got a job, I make sure to buy at least 1 book every payday to add to my collections.


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