Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Healthy Books

 Today, I've deicided to list the books that helped me live a healthy life.

I grew up in a health-conscious family so I prefer to eat healthy and nutritious foods even though Im not a vegetarian. I only eat chicken and beef occassionally, when I'm craving or when there's nothing else safe to order in a foreign menu.

Today, looking and feeling good are a high lifestyle priority. For way less than a doctor, this health classic will tell you how to manage stress, get well, prevent disease, and feel vibrantly alive. Does God have a health care plan for people living today? Is their a link between diet and spiritual growth? Does the Master Physician desire to heal people today as He did in Bible times? These answers and more are contained in this classic, Ministry of Healing by Ellen G. White.

Eight Secrets of Health Being healthy has never been this easy! Read this book and learn not just one secrets of health but eight. Learn new insights on how to stay healthy in this unhealthy world.

Why do some kidneys fail? This book provides you with empowering information--how the kidneys work, kidney diseases, including their signs and symptoms, and how to avoid them. It is a practical guide on how to prevent and deal with kidney problems. So, don't wait until it's too late!

Healing Wonders of Herbs Transform your backyard into a “roadside drugstore” Heal yourself with natural drugs that are safe and has no side effects. (By Herminia de Guzman-Ladion)

Healing Wonders of Water Be able to treat your patients right in the comfort and privacy of your home. Learn different hydrotherapy techniques. (By Herminia de Guzman-Ladion)

Healing Wonders of Diet This guidebook to effective diet therapy provides various dietary regimens to meet the needed food requirements.(By Blecenda Miranda-Varona, Maria Elena Tablante Godoy, and David Arsulo Varona)

 I'm good in eating but not in cooking. That's why I need recipe books.

Cooking Smart by Belcenda Miranda-Varona and David Arsulo-Varona. Enjoy cooking over 200 meatless recipes through simple food combinations and still meet your daily nutritional needs.

Added features: RDA graph, 7-day menu, and food pyramid.

Your Food and You A guide to better nutrition, this cookbook is designed for you as you prepare native delectable delicacies for different occasions. Let your culinary expertise surface with this guide.

Best Recipes For the Home Not just another cookbook, this volume abounds with 500 recipes you can do to serve happiness to the people you love. Available in Cebuan, Tagalog, Ilocano and English.



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