Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anne Frank Diary

It’s been more than a year now since I’ve read a book other than phonics, kindergarten, elementary and middle school books. :-) Thanks to my good friend Jackie, who happens to be an avid visitor of Yong-in library. She lend me a book entitled “The Diary of Anne Frank.”  At first I didn’t know that it was quite a famous book. It’s a famous play before Hollywood made several versions of it on screen.

the cover of the book is the same as that of Anne’s diary
Anne’s diary.

The first picture is Anne’s father Frank who’s the only family survivor of the holocaust. He fulfilled Anne’s wish to publish her diary. The next picture is the book shelf that covers the secret annex where the family hid for almost 3 years.

Anne is admirable and very talented. For such young age, she  inspired a lot of people so much that they made a statue in memory of her.


What made me read this book is that I have great interest about the Jews during the holocaust.  I’ve seen movies related to it like Schindler’s List, A Beautiful Life, Jakob the Liar…etc. After reading the book, I was again reminded about the holocaust. It breaks my heart how the Jews suffered greatly during those dark times. It made me think about what will happen to God’s people when they will be persecuted because of their faith. A friend of mine says that in the last days there will only be two classes of people. One is either on your side or against you. There will be no people who will be helping us hide or escape. We are to be tested as if we’re the only person left in the world.

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